• Celebrate Your Pet’s Birthday With Some Fun Ways!

    Celebrating your pet’s birthday is a great Celebrate Your Pet’s Birthday With Some Fun Ways! way to make him/her happy on its special day. Just like humans, pets have emotions too and one should make sure their pets are treated in the right manner. Celebrating their birthday and treating them with delicious food items, will

  • All You Should Know About Senior Pet Wellness

    Congratulations! It’s because of your efforts, love and care that your pet has reached the age when he or she will be considered a senior pet. Just like us, animals also tend to develop some health problems as they aged such as arthritis, cancer, heart disease, periodontal disease, liver disease and kidney disease. Sometimes, it

  • Caring For Your Senior Pet

    You’ll always remember the first time you introduced your furry companion to your home. As best buddies, both of you have seen a lot together and now face the unavoidable task of aging. As your pet enters his/her golden years, you’ll need to be more patient and attentive towards him/her. Mississauga veterinary hospital has put

  • Tips for Taking Care of Your Puppy

    Are you planning to bring a little canine home? Or Have you already adopted a little puppy? Puppies are really cute and adorable. Raising up a puppy is similar to raising up a child in some respect. If you want your little puppy to grow up into a devoted and well-behaved companion, who always provides

  • How To Prevent Heatstroke In Dogs

    For dogs, hot weather synonyms with trouble. Unlike humans, dogs cannot release heat by sweating; therefore, the hot and humid weather tends to increase their body temperatures to dangerous levels. Heat stroke can take a serious toll on your pet’s health and can also threaten his/her life. Unfortunately, heat-related issues are common among dogs during