• Laparoscopic Spaying & Its Benefits


    Almost every pet owner is known to the benefits of spaying and neutering their pets. Apart from lowering the pets overpopulation, it reduces the risk of specific health issues such as cancers and ameliorate behavioral problems.

    The traditional process used for spay and neutering was simple and straightforward, in which the entire reproductive system was removed from your pet’s body. That method was performed through an incision in the abdomen that is taken as abdominal surgery. But, laparoscopic surgery has made the entire process easy.

    Laparoscopic Spaying

    The laparoscopic surgery is performed by using the fibre-optic camera that is known as laparoscopy. It is inserted via the tiny opening in the abdominal wall. It enables the surgeons to get the inside view of the abdomen like organ through an external video monitor. This way, the surgeons can perform surgical procedures without making an opening or entry point into the body of your pets.

    Laparoscopy & Neutering

    Generally, testicles of puppies and kitten descend from the abdomen during the initial stage of their life. In some cases, the testicles never descend, which is known as cryptorchidism. This condition ends up causing severe health issue with your pets such as testicular cancer.

    Usually, laparoscopy is not used for the neutering procedure. However, the surgeon may perform laparoscopic cryptochidetomy in the condition of cryptorchidism.

    Laparoscopic Spay Benefits

    • The surgeon will be able to get a clear view of the internal structure and thus can make a precise cut as per the need to perform the entire procedure.
    • Pets that undergo this process experience less pain as compared to the traditional method of spaying.
    • Because the surgical opening is smaller than traditional surgery, it reduces the risk of infection and other complications during wound closure and healing.
    • This procedure allows performing the preventive procedure to avoid gastric torsion at the same time via the same port.
    • The camera assists veterinarian to spot other issues during the pet’s spaying and neutering surgery.
    • Laparoscopy helps to shorten the overall recovery and healing time in your pets.

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