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Local Mississauga Animal Clinic – Trusted Veterinarians for Full-Range Pet Health Services

Millcreek Veterinary Clinic offers a range of veterinary services for pets. Our team of veterinarians plus vet staff runs a competent pet animal clinic in Mississauga catering to specific pet health concerns. We go beyond offering just veterinary services. We forge a personal relation with your pet and you that lasts a lifetime.

Established in 1984, Millcreek Veterinary Clinic offers comprehensive pet heath services ranging from pet surgery to grooming and more. Whether you own an average pet or the racing elite, we treat all. Quality veterinary care, effective vet equipment and compassionate vet staff make us the trusted source of pet care for hundreds of local pet owners in Mississauga. The aim of our animal clinic is to render health care for your pets while keeping itself abreast of the latest procedures via continued education and research into vet realm.

If you want to consult a local veterinarian in Mississauga, call today to make an appointment.

  • Minor/Major Surgery

    Minor/Major Surgery
    Pet injured in an accident? Get immediate assistance for emergency minor surgery. Contact for spay/neuter surgery.

  • Parasite Control

    Parasite Control
    Heartworms, fleas, parasites pose real danger to your pet. Get cat and dog de-worming to prevent life-threatening diseases.

  • Vaccinations

    Canine and feline vaccines boost immunity and prevent parvo-virus, corona virus & rabies. Get complete vaccine chart.

  • Wellness Examination
    Wellness Examination
    General pet health examination uncovers hidden health issues. Get detailed assessment with general checks & full health chart.
  • Pet Dentistry

    Pet Dentistry
    Pet dental solutions help tackle plaque, broken teeth and tartar. Our pet dentistry caters to pet’s oral health.

  • Prescription Diet

    Prescription Diet
    Specialty diets give your pet optimal nutrition. Growing years, pregnancy, post-operative recovery require better nutrition.

Seasonal Tips

Spring has knocked on the doors and your pet wants to step outside. Make sure you get all the flu/cough solutions to brace the changing weather. Groom your pet for the spring to meet new friends in the park.

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