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Animals are just like us. They need a lot of love and compassion. When you bring home a pet, you are responsible for its well-being. So, if these furry pals of yours suffer from health issues and complaints, taking special interest in the food they consume is crucial because the right diet expedites the healing process and increases the life of your pet.

Prescription Foods for Pets

After a checkup, our Veterinary Doctors recommend appropriate Prescription Food for your pet. All the necessary specialty diet products are available at the Millcreek Vet Clinic Pharmacy. A prescription food could be recommended when:

  • A pet is overweight or underweight
  • A pet requires a healthy aging diet
  • A pet has any urinary tract infection
  • A pet is undergoing chemotherapy
  • A pet is diagnosed with particular skin conditions
  • A pet is recovering from a serious illness and requires additional nutrients

These special diets are usually recommended as a supplement to the existing diet or as a complete replacement for your pet’s current diet. Prescription foods provide your pet with the nutrients that a normal diet cannot provide.

Why us?

At Millcreek Veterinary Clinic Mississauga, you get a wide range of special diets that help your pets recover from their health ailments and improve their health. We have a pharmacy within the premises where you can purchase special food for your animal.

At Millcreek, we give maximum attention to the comfort of the pets.

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