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Requirement for vaccination of pets

Vaccines are a huge development in veterinary medicine and a protective shield to assist your pet remain robust and healthy by safeguarding them from various diseases. They work by steering the immune system of the body to respond speedily when confronted by a particular disease. The rapid response of the animal to exposure to the disease cuts down the seriousness of the illness, avoids the chances of death and enhances recovery. By vaccination of your pet to some common ailments, you are assisting to enhance its immune system.

Besides being an excellent factor in protecting your pet against diseases, vaccines protect the human family of the pet and the nearby animals. They assist to build up an effective defence system to fight fatal diseases. We give all the necessary vaccines to your pet after an exhaustive study for the well-being of the animal.

When should you vaccinate your pet and which vaccines should be used?

The suggestion for the vaccination of your pet is given by the veterinarian who analyzes the pet. A veterinarian is possibly the most reliable resource for the vaccination of your pet and various programs for health check-ups. With proper vet knowledge and examination of your pet, our veterinarians assist you in deciding the right time for vaccination of your pet and how frequently the vaccine has to be given. After examining your pet, the veterinarian suggest you which vaccines are vital. Lifestyle factors have to be taken into consideration when creating the vaccination program for your pet.

  • Do you take your pet along while travelling?
  • Is your pet always surrounded by other pets at home?
  • What are the places that come under your travel itinerary?
  • Does your pet remain mostly indoors or outdoors or is it a combination of both?

Millcreek vet clinic will administer the right vaccination of your pet based on these questions.
Some common vaccines given to pet dogs by our clinic are Adenovirus, Corona virus, Giardia, Hepatitis etc. The common vaccines given to cats are Bordetella bronchiseptica, Chlyamydiosis and Infectious peritonitis (FIP) among others.

Do you plan to travel with your pet?

If you plan to travel with your pet, just discuss the same with our veterinarians at Millcreek Veterinary Clinic. Pets, just like humans, are prone to contracting illness when they are exposed to an unfamiliar environment. get in touch for further information on pet travel arrangements and health implications.

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