Parasite Control for Pets

Parasite Control

Parasites such as roundworms, ticks and fleas are considered a nuisance. With significant amount of research done, we know that these parasites can lead to serious illness and also can be fatal at times. Intestinal parasites like roundworms and hookworms can be a great concern, particularly for animals that are very young. Most kittens/puppies have worms in them when they are born. Dogs and cats are prone to some detrimental parasites all through their lives. Worms live inside your pet’s body which eventually makes it difficult to pinpoint the symptoms. Such worms are detected with the help of intestinal parasite test conducted at our Veterinary Clinic in Mississauga. Internal parasites are dangerous and can be transferred to any member in the family leading to sickness too.

We care for your Pet

Our clinic suggests a fecal assessment analysis on all new kittens and puppies even if worms or diarrhea is not observed. In case your pet has problems stemming from the presence of parasites, our Veterinary Clinic Services can provide you with relevant  medicines and treatments that allow your pet to gain back its health. Prescription heartworm medicines along with preventative care are essential because of the harmful effects rendered by intestinal parasites to the pets, surrounding animals and the owner. Our main focus is to devise the most effective and safest preventive care.

Heartworms can be Prevented

We suggest that your pet is tested first to find out if it’s infected with heartworms. If it’s negative, we recommend preventative methods to ensure safety. If it’s positive, our veterinarians wok on a treatment plan. The treatment for positive pet patients can be very expensive as well as risky. This is the main reason why we suggest preventing heartworms right from the beginning.

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