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Wellness Exams For Pets

Just like human beings need to undergo regular health tests, wellness exams for pets are also necessary. A thorough wellness test ensures that your pet is not under the threat of any impending disease or health complication. Getting routine veterinary tests done regularly have several benefits. Our vets can identify and treat disorders effectively. This has a positive impact on your pet’s health and enables it to stay fit longer. The life of your pet also increases when tests are conducted on time.

Health checkups are highly recommended for pets as most disorders do not manifest themselves as prominently as they do in human beings. A routine test will help you take preventive measures to ensure optimum health and also treat disorders effectively.

There are many associated risks to take into consideration, particularly as the pet ages. For instance, many pets have perished on account of kidney disease compared to any or all diseases that are prevented by vaccines. Without some laboratory tests, many pet owners will not be aware of such an issue until it gets too late.

We have devised some effective programs for puppies/kittens right up till the aged dogs and cats that are considered highly important for the healthcare requirements of your pets. Our wellness programs are cost-effective and pragmatic. The essential tests are performed in our laboratory. The results will be discussed with you and you’ll be handed a copy of the same.

The following tests are conducted during wellness tests for pets:

  • Dentistry checkups
  • Heartbeat and pulse check
  • Thorough test of the lungs
  • Thorough test of the abdomen
  • Examination of ears and eyes to check for infections
  • Examination of physical attributes including hair coat, the walking and standing of the animal and general body condition

Since our pets age relatively faster than us, regular wellness programs are a great way by which we as pet owners can ensure of our pet’s good health. Our Mississauga Veterinary clinic ensures your pet leads a happy n healthy life.

Importance of special senior programs

  • The longevity of pets has increased.The pets of the present day are living relatively longer compared to a few decades back. Due to this, the risk categories of these animals are same as that of senior individuals.
  • Risks alter with age Younger pets have a greater chance of acquiring viral diseases that can be prevented by the use of vaccines. However, older pets have greater possibilities of developing heart disease, diabetes, thyroid disease, kidney disease and so on. The wellness program offered by Our Millcreek Vet Clinic reflects on these alterations.

Senior Wellness Programs

Our senior wellness programs include the following:

  • Exhaustive history update
  • Exhaustive physical exam
  • Health Screen
  • Rabies vaccination
  • Erhlichia/Lymes/Heartworm disease test

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