Major & Minor Pet Surgical Procedure

Surgical Procedures

From neuter and spay services to complex surgical procedures, our veterinary clinic services are safe. In fact, the safety measures adopted by our vets ensure successful surgeries. Our vet Clinic is equipped to provide a broad range of procedures and services for your dogs and cats. In some cases, the surgery done by our doctors is just a preventive surgery, like a neuter or spay to avoid pregnancy, while other times the surgery is performed is to alleviate some problem, like intestinal blockage or to remove tumors or stones.

The various surgical procedures performed at our Veterinary Clinic are as follows:


It’s vital for all female pets to be spayed. A spay is performed on female dogs or cats wherein both the ovaries are removed. In some instances, the uterus is removed too. Spaying cuts down the dangers of uterine infections and mammary cancer later on in life, especially when performed at an early age of 6 months. It also keeps them away from having undesired litters, which eventually helps to control the population of the pet. We suggest all female pet owners to have their pets spayed at an early age – around 6 months.


All male pet owners need to be aware of getting their pets neutered at an early age, which is roughly about six months. The procedure of neuter which is performed on male dogs and cats involves the elimination of the testicles. As a result, they won’t be able to impregnate a female. This will decrease the dangers of prostate cancer and prostate infection later on. This procedure also eliminates the probability of testicular cancer.

Soft tissue surgery:

Soft tissue surgery involves different procedures with many focused on the organs in the abdomen. The most common surgeries in this category performed at our Animal Clinic are cystotomy, splenectomy, enterotomy or gastrotomy and gastropexy among others.

Orthopedic Surgery

This involves the ligaments and bones, with the most common being the replacement of a torn cruciate ligament in dogs or repairing broken limbs or fractures in both cats and dogs.

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