The Most Common Pitfalls Dog Owners Make

The Most Common Pitfalls Dog Owners Make

7 November 2016

You may get a surprise after knowing that near about 70% pets are suffering from obesity, dental diseases, heart problems or other health issue over the world. This happened just because of their owners’ wellness and health mistakes. Sometimes you make some silly mistakes and your furry friend is paying for it. There is no doubt that as a pet owner, you give unconditional love to your pooch and strive to keep him healthy and happy. But when you are trying to make him happy, accidentally you make some pitfalls which are harmful for your lovely pet and it affects his or her lifestyle. If you are one of them who plays with their furry friend’s life, avoid them.

  1. Overfeeding
    Your pet loves food and you love your pet, but it does not mean you feed him every time his favorite food. Don’t compromise with his life and always give him a healthy and balanced diet. Keep one thing in your mind that humans eat when they are hungry, but pets can eat anytime ever they are not hungry and it always leads to obesity.
  2. Lack of exercise
    Just like humans, pets also need a regular exercise to burn calories and keep the muscles and joints healthy. Dogs and cats that just eat and sleep develop obesity and other health diseases very easily. As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to take him or her out for a walk.
  3. Not brushing his teeth
    Some lazy pet owners don’t like to brush their pet’s teeth. According to experts it is one of the biggest problems in canine health. Brushing every day is crucial for your pooch. If you are not able to do this, talk with your vet.
  4. Too many treats
    There is no doubt that you love your furry friend, but it does not mean give him too many treats. When a pet does something right, show him that you are proud and give him a special treat, but only when you have a special occasion.
  5. No pet insurance
    Many pet owners don’t think about health problems when they adopt a dog. But health problems are part of his life and you cannot ignore it. As a responsible pet owner, you need a pet insurance for your furry friend. When you adopt a dog, make sure you are ready for trips to the vet, purchasing medications and other health issues that come with old age.

If you love your pet and want to give him or her a healthy life, don’t make given mistakes in your life. These mistakes can ruin his or her life. Our fully skilled vets are committed to educating pet owners about what is good and what is bad for their dogs and cats. Feel free to contact us to discuss your furry friend’s health condition.

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