Never Give Your Cat These 5 Food Items

Never Give Your Cat These 5 Food Items

29 August 2016

Cats are interested in a lot of human food. And in order to make your cat happy, you would also like to feed her everything that she wants. But, there are many food items that can be life-threatening for your cats. Yes, there are many food items that you should never give your cats. Here is the list of some food items that should be kept away from your cats.

  1. Raw Fish
    Raw fish consumption can lead to nausea, indigestion, vomiting and gas. Raw fish has an enzyme called thiaminase that can break down the essential B vitamin, thiamine. Deficiency of vitamin B can cause various neurological issues that can also be fatal.
  2. Onions and Chives
    Onions and chives contain highly toxic element, allium. It can damage the red blood cells even with a little consumption. Cooked or raw, the digestive system of cats cannot metabolize online at all. It is advisable to never give human food to cats as it can lead to various health issues.
  3. Uncooked Eggs
    There is no doubt that cats require protein, but raw eggs make them susceptible to salmonella and other parasites that can cause pancreatitis. However, you can give cooked egg to your cats, but only in small amounts.
  4. Bones
    Ensure that your cats never consume bones as it can lead to choking. It can further block the intestinal tract. This can not only cause dental fractures, but also penetrate the intestine.
  5. Milk
    Generally, people believe that cats love milk and it is not harmful. But, milk contains lactose that is hard for the cats to digest. However, adult can digest this component, but for kittens it can be harmful, leading to stomach problems.

Food that you should give your kitty

Canned tuna or cheese in a little amount can be given to the cats. 200 to 250 calories are sufficient for a cat in a day. Make sure you feed them in small amounts from time to time.

If you want to know what food items are good or bad for your cats, you can contact our veterinarians at Mill Creek Veterinary Hospital. We are here to offer quality healthcare solutions to your pets. Trust us for all your pet health care needs in Mississauga.

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