7 Reasons Why Your Dog Might Have an Upset Stomach

7 Reasons Why Your Dog Might Have an Upset Stomach

19 May 2014

Is your dog suffering from repeated stomach problems? Is your dog vomiting frequently and secreting blood in vomit/stool? If yes, then it’s crucial for you to understand the underlying cause for your dog’s upset stomach. Stomach problems in pets are a common thing and can arise quite often. However, the way with which you deal with it makes all the difference.

Top 7 Reasons for Upset Stomach

The following are some common causes as why your dog might be suffering from an upset stomach:

  1. Eating something which they are forbidden from eating, like chewed-up sticks or pieces of their beloved chew toy and other types of bones.
  2. Dogs should also receive some treats periodically. It is good to include them in your dog’s diet since it helps to keep their teeth clean. Moreover, if you reward the dog with these for its good behavior, then they try to imbibe those good qualities. However, you also need to keep a tab on these treats and make sure that they get them in moderation as too many at a time can lead to an upset stomach.
  3. Various bacteria, viruses and parasites can also be the reason for your dog’s troubled stomach. Bacteria like; Campylobacter Jejune, Escherichia Coli, Salmonella; viruses like; Distemper, Parvovirus and Corona while parasites like; Giardia, whipworms and hookworms lead to problems in a dog’s stomach.
  4. Gastritis i.e. presence of inflammation in the lining of a dog’s stomach can also disrupt day-to-day stomach functionality eventually making it stressful for the dog.
  5. Intestinal obstruction i.e. partial or full blockage of the food’s normal passage through the dog’s intestine is a really painful situation for the dog. In such a case the dog doesn’t feel like eating anything and often growls due to the upset stomach.
  6. Any drastic change in the diet can also give birth to stomach problems in dogs. Some dogs having sensitive stomachs require food accordingly. If they are not given food as per their body’s requirements, it upsets entire digestive system making things worse.
  7. Just like humans, dogs can also take stress and invite many negative effects like we humans do. However, in the case of dogs, most of the health related inconveniences are due to stress and an upset stomach is one of them.

The above are the most common reasons your dog suffers from a troubled stomach. Generally, the problem isn’t major and can also be treated with natural home remedies. Over the counter medications advised for humans should not be given to a dog. Try to make use of natural home remedies for your dog as they are extremely effective and can help your dog to reduce stress. If however, your dog shows no improvement even after having the medicines/remedies, then you should consult an experienced vet immediately.

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