4 Reasons Why Your Pet isn’t Happy & How to Turn Things Around

4 Reasons Why Your Pet isn’t Happy & How to Turn Things Around

19 May 2014

Quite often, we humans confuse our pet’s happiness with our own. If you are cheerful and think it’s the same with your pet, which is playing with you, then you might even be wrong. No matter how much you attend your pet and how much you pamper it, if you are unable to fulfil some of its basic needs then your pet will eventually become gloomy and sad. Which is a real bummer!

What Makes Pets Happy

The good thing about pets is that it doesn’t take much to keep their tail wagging. If you make sure that the following conditions are met, then you can be rest assured regarding your pet’s happiness.

  1. Basic Needs – Just like we humans, pets also have some basic needs. Your pet requires secure shelter, healthy food and water. A thumb rule with pets is that, if they are made to feel safe and secure, they’ll be more happy and content. To meet these basic needs, you can make use of these tips:
    • Make a feeding schedule for the pet and make sure you follow it. Just by knowing the fact that food will come routinely just like every day, will make your pet feel satisfied and happy.
    • Keep clean water for your pet at a place where it can have access to it easily. Check it at least twice a day to make sure whether it is full and fresh or not. Consult pet dentist for better dental health.
    • Climatic considerations should be given a thought as well. Having a home too hot in the summers or too cold in the winter can invite health disorders for your pet and eventually bring unhappiness.
    • Try to take your pet with you whenever you go on a tour or trip. This will ensure that your pet gets spared from unwanted anxiety and stress due to separation and boredom.
  2. Play and Exercise – An active outdoor schedule for your pet will keep it healthy and active. Your pet will get to know the outside world a little better, will start recognizing places and thus will develop a sharp mental health. Keeping your pet inbound and refraining to take up the task of playing with them will make them obese and lazy. Obese pets face a lot of health problems which obviously you don’t want to happen.
  3. Boundary Setting – Creating some boundaries for your pet will not only keep you happy but will also keep them content. Teaching your puppy to sit down before you go out of the house or helping your cat learn about litter boxes will make you feel better. It will help your pet to develop a better self-esteem.
  4. Entertainment – It’s a fact that pets undertaking challenging tasks and un-isolated tend to feel happier. Engaging your pet with some kind of pet toys or treats will keep them in good spirit. Teach some skills to your pets as it will produce more opportunities to stimulate your pet’s brain.

All those who have adopted a pet should always remember that their pet has nobody else except them. They are totally dependent on you for their needs. Even if they are suffering from a disease, it is your job to make sure that they get diagnosed and treated in time.

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