Are Cats Lactose Intolerant?

Are Cats Lactose Intolerant?

17 August 2021

Are Cats Lactose Intolerant?Cats are always associated with a love for milk. We have seen diverse paintings, movies, and heard stories, anecdotes about them being a saucer for milk. But, should these felines really drink milk? If not, then where did this belief about cats loving milk come from? Which is the good thing?

Why do we think Cats love milk?

It goes back to earlier times when people related cats and milk that began on farms. For a cat on the farm, nothing might sound more appetizing than warm and fresh cow milk- just after the fatty cream has risen up to the top.

But, it was an old-time, these days people prefer buying packet milk. And, they have very little fat. So, why are people still feeding that milk to cats? The first thing to note here is that the store-bought milk has really less fat and subdued fragrance to be appealing for the cats. So, cats still drink it. But, these might not be healthy for the cats. The cats might not be able to digest it too as the store-bought milk is higher in lactose levels.

Are Cats Lactose Intolerant?

Most cats are lactose intolerant. You might wonder why cats still drink even when they are cute little kittens. Because when the cats are born, they have enzymes that help in breaking down the lactose. And, further, as they age and become adults, they lose the enzyme, and thus the ability to break down lactose molecules. This means that once they have a dairy product, ingested milk, cheese, or dairy products, the lactose is not digested and stays in the intestine which further begins to ferment. This can lead to diarrhea or an upset stomach for about 8- 12 hours.

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