Did you know Grapes are Toxic to Dogs?

Did you know Grapes are Toxic to Dogs?

19 July 2021

Did you know Grapes are Toxic to Dogs?Well, we all love our pets. And, we make sure that their diet is up to the mark when it comes to our favorite pooch. Thus, if you have heard that grapes are harmful to pets, perhaps it is right.

We all know that it is harmful but ever wondered why? The Veterinarian toxicologists at Poison Control Center have observed a connection between the tartaric acid and the fruit grapes. This was discovered or studied while managing a case of a dog who accidentally ate the homemade playdough.

There are several theories as to why the raisins or the grapes are harmful to the dogs. It was when the tartaric acid was found connected to the fruit. The homemade playdough contained a cream of tartar, which has potassium bitartrate, the potassium salt of tartaric acid. Instead of the normal table salt, it has potassium salt.

And, it has been earlier observed that there is a margin of safety when it comes to ingesting tartaric acid and humans and mice. As the studies on dogs are really underrated, the connections between the two were just not even on the radar.

The symptoms shown by the dog that ate up homemade playdough were suddenly kidney failure- similar to what is caused by the grapes compared to the normal toxicity of the salt. And, the realization of the fact came to light when it was seen that both tartaric acid and potassium bitartrate are in excess amounts in the grapes.

The toxicologists say that more and more breakthroughs of such kind would lead to opening doors for a better understanding of raisins and grapes.

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