17 August 2021 Pet Care Tips

Cats are always associated with a love for milk. We have seen diverse paintings, movies, and heard stories, anecdotes about them being a saucer for milk. But, should these felines really drink milk? If not, then where did this belief about cats loving milk come from? Which is the good thing? Why do we thinkLeer Más

19 July 2021 Pet Care Tips

Well, we all love our pets. And, we make sure that their diet is up to the mark when it comes to our favorite pooch. Thus, if you have heard that grapes are harmful to pets, perhaps it is right. We all know that it is harmful but ever wondered why? The Veterinarian toxicologists atLeer Más

8 February 2021 Pet Care Tips

Have a loving pet that you care a lot about them. If you love your dog the most, then you should understand why vaccination is important for dogs. Vaccination help dog to prevent them from many illnesses. Proper vaccination and an annual visit to the vet will help your dog live a long and healthyLeer Más

3 October 2020 Pet Care Tips

Who does not want their pet to be healthy and happy? Well, wanting is not enough; you have to step up for it. Make them exercise regularly, give them a good diet, and play with them as much as you can. Moreover, it is important to maintain equilibrium between the two. But, how will youLeer Más

15 January 2020 Pet Care Tips

Frosty, cold, winter climate is hunkering down on various regions in the world. These cool temperatures not just hurt people, they can likewise hurt animals and other creatures. At the point when the climate outside is loathsome, your pets could be in danger! Here are a few tips prepared by the experts of Millcreek VeterinaryLeer Más

30 October 2017 Pet Care Tips

Like human medication, your pet also needs a written prescription at some interval of life. A pet’s prescription must be written under the supervision of a veterinarian to buy the safe and correct meds. There are also few of the meds which one can buy without a prescription. It’s completely depends upon the pet’s ailmentLeer Más

31 August 2017 Pet Care Tips

Are you thinking to adopt a cat or a dog? If yes, you are on your way to invite happiness to your home. Pets are little family members who can bring wonders to your life along with making you more active and energetic. Senior pets are comparatively more mature and won’t create any nuisance unlike,Leer Más

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