14 October 2015 Pet Care Tips

You’ll always remember the first time you introduced your furry companion to your home. As best buddies, both of you have seen a lot together and now face the unavoidable task of aging. As your pet enters his/her golden years, you’ll need to be more patient and attentive towards him/her. Mississauga veterinary hospital has putLeer Más

30 September 2015 Pet Care Tips

Are you planning to bring a little canine home? Or Have you already adopted a little puppy? Puppies are really cute and adorable. Raising up a puppy is similar to raising up a child in some respect. If you want your little puppy to grow up into a devoted and well-behaved companion, who always providesLeer Más

12 August 2015 Pet Care Tips

For dogs, hot weather synonyms with trouble. Unlike humans, dogs cannot release heat by sweating; therefore, the hot and humid weather tends to increase their body temperatures to dangerous levels. Heat stroke can take a serious toll on your pet’s health and can also threaten his/her life. Unfortunately, heat-related issues are common among dogs duringLeer Más

13 July 2015 Pet Care Tips

Our pets give us unconditional love, care and joy. And every pet owner wants to see their pets happy and healthy all year round. If your pets could talk, they would have informed you about their health issues. But, unfortunately they couldn’t, so you need to take care of their overall health. Here, our MississaugaLeer Más

15 May 2015 Pet Care Tips

There are two types of parasites that mainly affect your pets. Internal and External. Some of the most common internal parasites are roundworm, tapeworms, hookworms and heartworm. Roundworms These are the most common internal parasites found inside cats or dogs. These parasitic worms can spread easily, but they are hard to control. Pets, generally ingestLeer Más

3 April 2015 Pet Care Tips

We’ve all been there – you go into your closet to take your favorite pair of shoes and noticed that they’ve been torn to pieces. Who’s to blame? The new puppy, of course. Chewing habit can be destructive sometimes, that’s why it is important to keep your puppy’s chewing behavior under control. Be attentive –Leer Más

16 March 2015 Pet Care Tips

Pet overpopulation is a continuing problem. Be a solution: consider pet spay and neuter. Spaying or neutering your pet is an essential part of being a responsible pet owner. Unneutered male pets that are unable to mate experience a frustration, which can lead to an aggressive behavior. Unspayed female pets attract unwanted attention. Spay/neuter isLeer Más

7 March 2015 Pet Care Tips

One of the most responsible things you can do as pet owner is spaying and neutering puppies at an early stage of their life. Dogs reach sexual maturity quicker than you might think. If you want to prevent reproduction, then you should know when to neuter or spay a puppy. Our veterinarian in Mississauga recommendsLeer Más

29 September 2014 Pet Care Tips

Every dog needs grooming as its basic need, regardless of the length of their coat, suggest Vets in Mississauga. Proper grooming makes your pet look better and feel better. Generally, a dog’s breed and hair type determines how much grooming it actually needs – but most dogs are advised to be professionally groomed once inLeer Más

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