Caring For Your Senior Pet

Caring For Your Senior Pet

14 October 2015

You’ll always remember the first time you introduced your furry companion to your home. As best buddies, both of you have seen a lot together and now face the unavoidable task of aging.

As your pet enters his/her golden years, you’ll need to be more patient and attentive towards him/her. Mississauga veterinary hospital has put together some useful tips that will prepare you to ensure an easygoing experience for your aging pet.

1. Make changes to your pet’s diet

There are some changes you can make to your pet’s diet that will improve his/her digestion. Senior dog food is easily digestible, has ingredients that will guard his/her body against age-related diseases, and remember to keep patience as you experiment with various dog foods until you find one that best suits your pet’s needs. Remember that because your pet’s digestive system may be slowing down, you may need to reduce the quantity of food you serve. Your pet may also require frequent bathroom breaks, which means you both will have more time to bond while out for a walk!

2. Exercise is now more important than ever

Sure, your furry companion is finding it hard to climb stairs, or go for long walks like he/she used to, but that doesn’t you make him/her stay on the couch all day long. It’s important to stimulate your dog’s physical and mental health by engaging him/her with a simple game of fetch.

3. Visit your veterinarian regularly

It’s important to be preventative about your pet’s health. By regularly visiting a veterinarian Mississauga, life can become much easier for both you and your pet.

4. Ensure your dog’s comfort

The body temperature of your pet will change, so it will become important to ensure the right conditions inside of your home. Improve comfort by adding more blankets to his/her bed and moving the bowl closer to his/her eye level. Are there stairs that your pet needs to climb? Get a ramp installed or start carrying your pet up and down.

5. Groom your senior pet with care!

The coats of senior dogs become matted easily, and they’re more vulnerable to skin irritation. Make sure to check the hidden spots on your pet’s body, like near the elbows and under the tail. Also check your pet’s teeth and ears to look for any abnormalities.

6. No one can love your pet like you do

You two are best friends for years. Continue to love your four-legged friend as you always have.

Bring your senior pet to our Mississauga veterinary hospital for a complete physical and wellness examination.

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