Grooming Your Furry Friend

Grooming Your Furry Friend

29 September 2014

Every dog needs grooming as its basic need, regardless of the length of their coat, suggest Vets in Mississauga. Proper grooming makes your pet look better and feel better.

Generally, a dog’s breed and hair type determines how much grooming it actually needs – but most dogs are advised to be professionally groomed once in every 4 to 6 weeks. If your dog is suffering from a skin, ear or nail problem, follow the veterinarian’s instructions before taking your pet for a grooming session.

Why Should Dogs Be Groomed?

Aside from making your dog look absolutely fabulous, grooming contributes to its physiological and psychological health. Human shampoos are not suitable for your dog’s sensitive skin and may cause irritation, dry skin and a dull-looking coat. Regular professional grooming visits will ensure a healthy skin and a shiny coat for your furry friend.

What does a Professional Grooming Service Include?

A full-service grooming includes brushing, bathing, nail trimming, ear care, and owner requested haircut, fragrance and a bow. There are a variety of cute clips for dogs which your groomer will help you decide.

  1. Brushing – Different coats need different types of combs and brushes. Most reputable groomers in Mississauga animal hospital realm know the right tools for every kind of a dog. If you own a short-haired dog, such as a ‘Doberman pinscher’, it might not need brushing quite often – but, if you own a German shepherd, it might need brushing more frequently in order to avoid matting of the fur and excessive shedding.
    While some dogs naturally tend to enjoy the feeling of being brushed, others, might feel little uncomfortable. If your dog enjoys brushing, excellent! Do not forget to give rewards to your dog right after each brushing session.
  2. Bathing – Bath time isn’t much fun to most dogs – but who can blame them? Getting soaked in water and bubbles is definitely not the best feeling in the world for pets. Because of their activities, breed types and specific coat types, some dogs need baths more often than others. Depending on the condition of your pet’s skin and coat, the groomer may use a specific shampoo.
  3. Nail trimming and Ear care – Usually, our four-legged friends do not like their paws handled, making nail trimming a difficult task. Like it or not, dogs should have their nails trimmed occasionally so that their claws do not extend so far that they come in contact with a flat surface. Similarly, your dog’s ears need good attention as they can easily contact bacteria and yeast. The routine ear cleaning is usually followed after a bath. If the dog has excessive dirt or foul odor in its ears, the groomer will likely use some special ear cleaners.

Where should I take my dog for a grooming session?

Millcreek serves as a complete pet grooming salon offering a variety of services for both dogs and cats. Contact our Mississauga Animal Hospital and speak to our specialist today!

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