Tips for Stimulate Pet’s Eating Habit By Mixing Different Pet Foods

Tips for Stimulate Pet’s Eating Habit By Mixing Different Pet Foods

30 October 2014

Pet owners generally know what kind of food their pets would like to eat or what they’ll reject. Dogs and cats tend to start losing their interest in their food. Fortunately, according to the best vets in Mississauga, there are a few ways that can help you restore your pet’s eating habit. You can try with mixing their food, but, before starting on that you need to keep certain things in mind that include:

Mix pet foods with different contents and aromas

Pets get enticed by the shape, texture and aroma of the food. Most of the time they see and smell the food before eating. Try to present a mix of foods to your pet with different shape, texture and aroma that can allure your pets. You will be pleasantly surprised to see that how your dog or cat started eating the food that once he used to hate.

Make sure you consult your veterinarian before mixing the food

Many pet foods are prepared with specific ingredients, life stage and health condition in mind. Mixing foods irregularly without prior consultation of your vet may cause an adverse effect on your pet’s health leading to sudden weight gain, over-consumption of certain nutrient etc. Thus, avoid the guesswork and consult pet veterinarian.

Consider adding water to dry kibble

Most of the dogs and cats love to have dry kibble. But over the time they start showing disinterest in the food. You can restore their interest by adding a little ‘gravy’. It is easy and simple too. You just need to add a ¼ cup of water in the bowl of kibble. The water will add moisture and enrich the flavor of the pet food. Cats can have substantial benefit from this as they start feeling dehydrated soon. Ask your vet if adding water to the pet’s diet is beneficial or not.

Mix dry and canned pet food

The flavor and moisture in the pet’s meal can be enhanced by incorporating canned food into dry food. This also allows you the ease of buying different affordable food items. Consult with your vet about mix-matching canned food with dry food that compliments his/her dietary needs while rebuilding their interest in their meal.

Avoid mixing therapeutic pet foods with other foods prior to consulting your veterinarian

Therapeutic or specialty diets provide huge benefits to your pets. They are specially formulated to make their immune system strong and prevent many health conditions. Thus, if you are considering mixing anything to a therapeutic diet, make sure you have your vet’s permission. Otherwise, it may have an adverse effect on your pet’s health.

Adding interesting elements to your pet’s food is good, but avoid any ‘willy-nilly’ mixture. Consult your vet about the food you are considering to mix.

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