Do Pet Medication Work Without A Prescription?

Do Pet Medication Work Without A Prescription?

30 October 2017

Like human medication, your pet also needs a written prescription at some interval of life. A pet’s prescription must be written under the supervision of a veterinarian to buy the safe and correct meds. There are also few of the meds which one can buy without a prescription. It’s completely depends upon the pet’s ailment whether he needs to be treated temporarily or requires a monthly prescription of meds.

Here are few points when your pet requires a prescription:

  • Most of the pet medication vendors require a written prescription for all non-over-the-counter drugs.
  • For the safety of your pet, you must buy a medicine with complete prescription recommended by a professional veterinarian. He is the only person who is certified to diagnose a pet with his severe health problems.
  • Sometimes, when your pet is facing a severe health issue and you overlook the symptoms of the ailment which leads to the purchase of a wrong drug. This is a big diagnosing problem for every homeowner.
  • Buying the wrong type of ailment can be harmful, and even fatal for your pet.

Not all medicines for pets require a written prescription as some of them buy over-the-counter if the pet’s ailment is minor. One must make sure to check with your vet before purchasing any dose when your pet is sick. A medicine that requires a prescription always needs to be supervised by a veterinarian. Only a professional vet will help you in determining whether the counter drugs are safe for pet or not. They give advice based on the pet’s size, breed, overall duration of use and also suggest about the symptoms to look out while using the medicine.

If your pet is going through a serious illness and you need an appropriate prescription for his diet and meds, then you can choose our Veterinary doctors at Millcreek Veterinary Clinic.

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