3 Cool Reasons to Adopt A Senior Pet

3 Cool Reasons to Adopt A Senior Pet

31 August 2017

Are you thinking to adopt a cat or a dog? If yes, you are on your way to invite happiness to your home. Pets are little family members who can bring wonders to your life along with making you more active and energetic. Senior pets are comparatively more mature and won’t create any nuisance unlike, pups and kittens who often need more care.

Once you adopt a senior dog, you’ll surely realize that it is one of the best decision you have ever taken. Though they might feel uncomfortable and shy in their new home, a little of love will bring them to normal only in the few days.

Some benefits of adopting a senior pet include:

  1. They Are Mannered
    Unlike puppies and kittens, most of the grown-up dogs and cats had usually spent their life living with a family that had adopted them before. Moreover, most of the dogs do have received an obedience training which helps them to learn commands like sit and stay. This directly reveals that senior pets are generally well behaved and mannered.
  2. They Are Less Destructive
    If you have had adopted pets before, then you might be aware of their behavior and habits. Though the little pups and kittens are very cute and have innocent looks, they are a lot more demanding than their actual size. You may even end up your day cleaning the clutter and the destruction they cause. To prevent chewed belongings and torn plants, it’s better to adopt a young or adult dog.
  3. They Learn New Tricks
    In contrast to the little pups, the adult ones are a lot more intelligent and quick at learning new things. They are often multitasking, obedient and careful. If you want your senior dog to learn the new commands and your home rules, you won’t find much difficulty in teaching them since their grasping power is better than the young ones. They are even more attentive than puppies and are always eager to please their humans.

These are some reasons to adopt a senior pet compared to a pup. If you have recently adopted a new dog or cat, bring him at our veterinary clinic in Mississauga for proper vaccination and wellness examination to make sure he stays active and healthy.

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