Pet Spay and Neuter Myths De-Bunked

Pet Spay and Neuter Myths De-Bunked

16 March 2015

Pet overpopulation is a continuing problem. Be a solution: consider pet spay and neuter.

Spaying or neutering your pet is an essential part of being a responsible pet owner. Unneutered male pets that are unable to mate experience a frustration, which can lead to an aggressive behavior. Unspayed female pets attract unwanted attention. Spay/neuter is the best decision you’ll make for your furry friend.

The continuance of myths about spaying and neutering and the high cost associated with them cause many pet owners to avoid these procedures, but the fact is that sterilization makes your pet a well behaved, healthier pet and will save you money in the long run.

Myth #1: My pet will feel less like a “man” or “woman” after being sterilized.

This myth crops up from the humans imposing their own feelings on an animal. In fact, your dog will simply have one less need to fulfill. An animal’s basic personality is developed more by environment and genetics rather than sex hormones, so sterilization will not alter your pet’s basic personality, make your pet inactive or affect its natural tendency to protect the pack.

Neutered males have less desire to roam or mark their territory. Spayed females do not experience the hormonal changes during their heat cycles and they no longer attract unwanted male animals. Sterilized pets are more affectionate and less likely to develop aggression, run away, or get into a fight.

Myth #2: Spaying and neutering will cause my pet to gain weight.

Animals do not gain weight by being sterilized. Just like humans, animals gain weight if they eat more and exercise less or if they are genetically designed to be overweight. The weight gain that pet owners may witness after sterilization is most due to feeding high energy meals to their pets.

Myth #3: My pet will be sad over the loss of its reproductive capabilities.

False. Animals reproduce solely to ensure the survival of their species. They do not raise a puppy or kitten for eighteen years. Female dogs nurse for a few weeks, teach the young rules and boundaries and send them off to join the pack. Male dogs are never “fathers,” they do not even recognize their own puppies.

Myth #4: Spaying and Neutering are expensive procedures.

Today there are many low cost and free pet spay and neuter services that this can no longer be an excuse! Even if these services are not available in your area, this procedure is an investment that will save you emotional stress and money spent on medical treatments down the lane.

Sterilization minimizes the risk of many health problems that are difficult and costly to treat. In females, it eliminates the development of uterine or ovarian cancer and significantly reduces the chance of breast cancer. Also, females will no longer experience false pregnancies and uterine infections that can be life-threatening. Prostate cancer risk is significantly reduced in males. By sterilizing your pet, he or she will enjoy a healthier and longer life.

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