What Is The Best Age To Spay or Neuter Your Pet?

What Is The Best Age To Spay or Neuter Your Pet?

7 March 2015

One of the most responsible things you can do as pet owner is spaying and neutering puppies at an early stage of their life. Dogs reach sexual maturity quicker than you might think. If you want to prevent reproduction, then you should know when to neuter or spay a puppy. Our veterinarian in Mississauga recommends that surgery should be performed before your pet reaches sexual maturity and make sure it is not performed on a newborn puppy.

Why Early Neutering and Spaying Pet Is The Wisest Decision?

Pets can actually develop some negative behavior patterns according to their age. Once they become mature, they may have aggressive behavior. If pets haven’t been spayed or neutered, they can lead to another problematic issue, i.e. territorial marking. Being professional Vets in Mississauga, we suggest early neutering or spaying as it can prevent these types of behaviors in a pet’s nature.

What’s The Best Age?

Adult pets can be spayed or neutered at any age. But if talking about the best age of sterilization or neutering, it is when the pet reaches six to eight months of age. These small pets recover from the surgery more quickly than the adult pets. They will grow better and sometimes a bit taller without facing other major health issues. Spaying new born pup is not advisable because these couple of months allow pets to attain better physical development.

Will Spay or Neuter Change Your Pet’s Personality? 

They are just as protective and affectionate as unaltered dogs and cats. Perhaps, they lose interest in roaming, which means dogs should eat less food. Removing sexual organs can change the dog’s metabolism, which can also change, as they mature.

Whether your bark buddy can reproduce or not, they continue to be just as loyal, playful, smart and protective.

Seek Expert Advice

Fortunately, veterinarian health professionals can help to make an informed decision about the best age to neuter or spay your individual pet. They are the best resource for all types of pet health care information. Mill Creek Vet Clinic in Mississauga provides spaying and neutering services after a detailed health inspection of your pet. The expert and qualified team of vets have performed pet neutering or spaying surgeries in safe environment with a successful track record.

However, it is important to realize the potential benefits of spaying or neutering pet. You should talk to your veterinarian to make the best decision for the health and well-being of your furry friend.

We provide a wide range of veterinary services for pets in Mississauga and surrounding areas and reveal hidden health issues. So, don’t wait much, call us right now for your pet’s good health as well as long life. Our qualified veterinarian helps to prevent life-threatening diseases in your pet.

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