• Is Your Pet Suffering From Dental Issue? Follow This Guide

    Dental Issue

    Do you ever think about your dog dental care? If no, you may never know about the dental issues in pets and their associated dangers. Having pets is not less than fun, and providing them care becomes your duty. What starts about diagnosing the dental issue with your pet is bad breath.

    Periodontal disease is an inflammation of the supporting structures of the teeth. It generally results in bad breath, gingivitis and tooth loss. The problem can worsen as the bacteria in the mouth can enter the bloodstream to drive your pet’s internal organs.

    Common Signs Of Pet Dental Issues

    • Bad breath
    • Pawing at the mouth
    • Drooling
    • Difficulty chewing
    • Tartar on the teeth or discolored teeth
    • Red or swollen gums
    • Facial swelling

    Dangers Associated Of Dental Disease In Pets

    The periodontal disease is one of the common diseases that is caused by the bacteria in your mouth, which combine with food particles and result in plaque that sticks in the teeth. Within a few weeks, the plaque hardens in the tartar. The bacteria then start to work their way under the gum line, causing gingivitis, swelling and redness. If you don’t pay attention, the bacteria can erode the supporting structures of teeth that end up in painful tooth loss and infection.

    Periodontal Treatment

    The severity of the diseases determines the right type of treatment. In case of mild plaque and tartar, the professional will clean both above and below the gum line. If there is a lack of supporting structures of teeth, the process may be reversed until the tooth last. Further, your veterinarians may perform the following procedures.

    • Root Planing
    • Root Canal
    • Extraction
    • Crown Restoration
    • Application of Antibiotics Beneath the Gum

    To prevent the periodontal disease in your dog, you need to focus on cleaning make sure for regular brushing the teeth in a the right way. Mouth rinse, chews and include the recommended diets to keep your pet’s mouth and teeth healthiest.

    The moment you notice the signs of dental issues with your dog, feel free to contact us at Millcreek Veterinary Clinic in Mississauga. We provide a full range of pet care services.

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