• How Preventive Pet Care Can Save You Mone

    How Preventive Pet Care Can Save You Mone

    You are doing all the efforts to save some money. You have found ways to save on groceries, insurance, mobile bills and other services. There is one more way you can save you some money i.e. by keeping your pets active and healthy throughout the year to avoid those expensive tests and procedures. Here are some preventative pet care tips that can help keep your pets healthy while saving you some money.

    • Diet and ExerciseMake sure you feed your pet with a nutritionally balanced diet rather than a cheaper blend without essential nutrients. Ask your vet about what is good or bad for your pet. Along with top-notch diet, you should also give your pet with a plenty of exercise. It is necessary to avoid obesity and other health related issues.
    • Dental Health
      Dental examination of your pets on a periodic basis is essential. Make sure you brush her/his teeth often using a canine-friendly toothpaste. If the pet doesn’t like brushing the teeth, try cleaning her teeth with a bit of gauze wrapped around your finger. It is essential to prevent harmful dental diseases.
    • Eye and Ear Care
      It is ideal to check and clean your pet’s eyes weekly. This way you will keep her tear ducts open and prevent irritation. You’ll also be able to notice abnormalities that require immediate attention. Ask your vet for a gentle eye cleaner.
    • Brushing and Bathing
      By brushing your pet often, you’ll improve his skin and contribute to better coat health. When you are brushing the pet, run your hands over her coat and skin. In case, you notice some unusual, take the pet to the vet immediately. Make sure you wash the feet of your pet to protect her/him from chemicals from grass, sidewalks, or streets.

    It is also important to bathe your pet regularly, as it removes dirt and debris that can irritate skin. Use a gentle shampoo without detergents, fragrances, or colors. Also learn about the proper bathing techniques.

    To obtain preventive care advice for your pet, contact us for an appointment.

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