• Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dogs

    Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dogs

    Dogs are and will always remain the best companions of humans. They are the most faithful friends that will never leave their owners, no matter, whatever the situation is. Some people love their pets so much that they even sleep and eat with them. Though loving is good, but serving them the same food what humans eat is not good at all. Since dogs have a different digestive system, human foods can pose a threat to their life. Being a responsible pet owner, you should be aware of the specific food items and their dangers of feeding.

    Few foods that are proved to be harmful on pets are:

    1. Caffeine & Chocolate
      Most people believe that dogs enjoy the chocolates the same way as do they. But to your surprise, chocolates, caffeine and related products are highly injurious to dog health. The methylxanthines present in chocolate products can result in serious health ailment called toxicosis. Other side effects of feeding chocolate includes excessive urination, diarrhea and vomiting. Dark chocolates are even responsible for death in dogs compared to white chocolates.
    2. Raisins
      One of the common fruit that you may be feeding to your dog is grapes. Both raisins and grapes pose a lethal effect on the pet health. They are highly responsible for causing kidney failure along with other mild diseases like diarrhea, vomiting and even renal failure. The effect depends on the quantity of fruit you served to your loved one.
    3. Bread Doughs
      Though dogs love eating milk and bread, raw bread doughs if ingested can produce intense toxicity. Before feeding such food to dogs, think twice. Microbes like yeast and bacteria multiply at a faster rate inside a dog’s stomach, thereby resulting in stomach expansion. This can cause severe breathing troubles that can even take away the life of your pet.
    4. Garlic & Onion
      If you allow your pets to roam freely in the kitchen, make sure to put garlic and onion away from their reach. These vegetables are responsible for causing serious damage to the red blood cells that can ruin their immunity against diseases. Most possibly, dogs don’t like eating raw garlic. To maintain good health, make sure you serve them the food that doesn’t contain garlic and onion at all.

    These are some of the common food items that you should prevent feeding your dogs. If your pet is in ill health condition and require urgent veterinary care, contact our expert veterans at Millcreek Vet right away.

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