Reasons for Spaying/Neutering Your Pets – Bonus Surgical Safety Tips

Reasons for Spaying/Neutering Your Pets – Bonus Surgical Safety Tips

16 September 2014

Reasons for Spaying/Neutering Your Pets – Bonus Surgical Safety Tips

Spaying/Neutering is considered to be the best health decision for your lovable furry friends. Mississauga Spay Neuter Clinic experts define the both terms:

Spaying means removal of ovaries and uterus of female pet, whereas neutering means removal of testicles of male dog or cat. Spaying/Neutering is a veterinary procedure requiring minimal hospitalization. This procedure offer lifelong health benefits to your pets improving their behavior as well.

The veterinarians of animal hospital Mississauga provided a comprehensive list defining the reasons to spay/neuter of pets.

Longer and Healthier Life of Female Pets

Spaying minimizes the chances of uterine infections and breast cancer. These are fatal disease found in about 50 percent of dogs and 90 percent of cats. Spay your pets before her first heat, in order to provide protection from these fatal disease.

Crucial Health Benefits for Male Pets

Neutering prevents the chances of testicular cancer and unwanted litters. It is crucial to be done before six months of age.

Spayed Female Don’t Go Into Heat

Generally the cycles vary and female felines during breeding season go into heat for four to five days. They usually yowl or urinate to advertise for males. Spaying usually reduces this habits of female pets.

Neutered Pets Stop Roaming Away from Home

Male pets do anything to find a mate. They dig their ways under the fence and try to escape from the house. Their escape from home can lead them to some serious injury or fight with other males.

Neutered Males Behave Better

Neutered cats and dogs are more focused towards their human families. On the contrary, unneutered pets tend to mark their territory and are more aggressive many times.

Spaying/Neutering Keep the Pets Healthy and Happy

Spaying and neutering keep the pets healthy and happy. You need to provide them regular exercise and monitor their food intake. It is crucial to keep them fit and trim.


Spay/neuter surgery is cost-effective and is less time consuming. Moreover, it saves you lot of money required to fulfill the basic needs of a litter.

Spaying and neutering helps in Controlling the Population of Pets

Spay/neuter surgery is crucial to control the over-population of pets. Every year, millions of cats and dogs of different ages and breeds suffer as strays. They can be controlled with an effective spay/neuter surgery.

Spaying and Neutering is Good for the Community

Stray animals tend to spread diseases and other health ailments. They generally prey on wildlife, frighten children, lead to accidents and so on. Spaying and neutering play a pivotal role in reducing the number of stray animals. After the surgery, pets are discharged on the same day. They are kept on special nutritious diet and in isolation for complete rest. The recovery period is around 20-30 days.

Spay and neuter provide best health benefits to the pets. It not only helps in controlling their population but also keep them happy and healthy. It is advised to consult a reliable veterinarian surgeon about the whole procedure and post-procedure precautions.

We, at Millcreek Vet, strive hard to provide superior quality pet health-care services across Mississauga. Our animal hospital is equipped with all the latest tools along with skilled and experienced veterinarian.

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