3 First Aid Tips To Follow For An Injured Dog

3 First Aid Tips To Follow For An Injured Dog

30 June 2017

Pet injuries are often more painful and stressing for its owner. Only a pet owner can feel the pain his pooch received after tumbling down the stairs. Since animals have the same senses as do humans, they too feel the same pain as we do. Rather than just sitting stressed around your dog waiting for a veteran to arrive, do follow some first aid tips to prevent blood loss and ease the breathing process. A first aid or home treatment is not enough. As soon as you are over with the first aid, rush your dog immediately to an emergency veterinary hospital for proper diagnosis and treatment.

“Some first aid steps to take after a pet receives injury are:

  1. Evaluate the injury
    Not all pets are lucky enough to land safely after a fall. The foremost thing to do is evaluating the pet injuries by moving your hand over its body. If your dog has fallen unconscious after the fall and is exhibiting the symptoms like pale gums, short breath or weak pulse, take him to the vet immediately. Always keep a first aid kit handy and clean the wound using an antiseptic to prevent infection. In case, your pet has received a severe wound, tightly tie it with a clean cloth to prevent the loss of blood and rush to the local veteran.
  2. Don’t irritate your dog
    In most of the case, even a friendly family dog can bite after he received an injury. This is generally due to the panic attack or the pain. To prevent a bite, don’t touch your pet until he himself asks for love or comfort. Wait for few minutes and then try to come near him to examine his wounds. If he still growls, stop at once and give him some time to relax. In case, there is a visible injury, immediately call in a vet for diagnosis and treatment to prevent complications.
  3. Inform the vet about your arrival
    Once you are ready to bring your pet to the dog hospital, inform the doctors and staff over the phone about the emergency so that all the preparations can be done before you reach. The time you saved here can turn out to be a boon for your seriously injured dog.

These are few first aid steps that should be done immediately after a dog received an injury. If your dog has fallen victim to a serious injury or is facing an ill health condition, call our emergency veterans at Millcreek Veterinary Clinic right away.

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